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Community Gardening

A community garden is a place where people come to garden on land that is not their own. The shared land is provided by public or private institutions as well as by private citizens. Rules are established relating to the layout of the garden, the standard of care and the shared duties in the common areas. The vegetables, fruit and flowers harvested from the gardens are doled out in different ways.  In most cases community gardens are divided into plots, often referred to as allotments, with a different gardener in charge of each plot. A fee or an exchange of some kind is often associated with the plot.  In other cases gardeners work together and share the harvest with each other or collectively donate it to others.

Community gardens provide a place of respite for multiple species of flora and fauna to help combat loneliness, listlessness and isolation. Community gardens contribute to the teaching of plants and the engagement of the community in the access to and appreciation for fresh food. Community gardens enhance green spaces and promote ecological awareness. 

Community Gardens in Centre Wellington

There are seven known community gardens in Centre Wellington.  Four are built on church property, one is by the Elora Public School playground, one is a yard-share on private property and one is on township land adjacent to the Centre Wellington Sportsplex in Fergus.  

These gardens emerged independent of one another and continue to operate independently.  The making of each garden was initiated by a person or people who saw the value of community gardens and sought permission from the landowner to convert a sodded surface into a garden to grow food. The resulting activities have built social connections, enhanced and animated green spaces and continue to foster environmental and nutritional education.  Community gardens provide access to a garden to grow your own food.

The Community Garden Network provides support to the gardeners and facilitates the expansion or development of new community gardens.

Here is a map showing the 7 community gardens. Click the map to enlarge it in a new tab in your browser. Links to garden coordinators as well as addresses of the community gardens are below the map.

CW Sportsplex Community Garden

550 Belsyde Ave. East, Fergus

Garden coordinator: Michelle Goff 

100 Queen St. East, Fergus

Garden coordinator:  Tammy Rutherford

Faith Lutheran Community Garden

290 Belsyde Ave. East, Fergus

 Garden coordinator:  Ingrid Kibbel-Beer

Gryphon Gardens

 Elora Public School

 288 Mill St. East, Elora

 Garden coordinator: Daisy Moore

Thyme with God Community Garden

 Melville United Church

 300 St. Andrew St. West, Fergus

  Garden coordinator: Linda Mae Ogilvie

Grace Christian Fellowship Community Garden

 35 Farley Rd, Fergus

 Garden coordinator: Christina Dolderman

Bleak House Community Garden

 61 Victoria St. Elora

 Garden coordinator:  Daisy Moore