Volunteer help!

On August 23, the Community Garden Network and the CW Food Bank were delighted to welcome to Centre Wellington three volunteers from Sysco, Jay McClintock, Mike Nussy and Stef DeSavigny. They helped weed the St. James Community Garden, and weeded and harvested food at the Central Pentecostal Community Garden.

They came to Centre Wellington as part of the Feeding Fresh! Sysco Community Garden Grant Program. This summer, the Program, administered by the Ontario Association of Food Bank, provided a grant to the CW Food Bank and the CW Social Justice Group to (1) increase awareness of community gardening; (2) increase participation in community gardening; (3) increase garden yields through education; and (4) increase garden yields by building capacity of the gardens.

One of the interesting aspects of the grant is that, in addition to cash, employees of Sysco are able to volunteer their time to help out in community gardens. That’s what Jay, Mike and Stef did, and the gardens they worked on are now more than ready for the final days of growth as summer starts to wind down – and each community garden gets ready for the Community Garden Tour this Sunday, August 27, from 1-4 pm.